Enablers for fast prototyping and delivery of innovative IoT services

The Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things (OpenIoT) Research Unit focuses its research activities on IoT infrastructures and platforms and, more generally, on those technologies that enable the seamless integration and management of devices, regardless of how smart they are, which short-range communication technology they use and how they interact with each other, to realize highly distributed and pervasive applications (from device, through the network edge, to cloud).

Head of Unit

  • Fabio Antonelli
    Head of Unit


  • Massimo Vecchio
    OpenIoT Senior Researcher
  • Csaba Kiraly
    OpenIoT Expert Researcher
  • Francesco Botto
    OpenIoT Expert Researcher
  • Mojtaba Eskandari
    OpenIoT Researcher

Research Engineers

  • Raffaele Giaffreda
    OpenIoT Senior Research Engineer, Chief IoT Scientist
  • Andrea Maestrini
    OpenIoT Expert Research Engineer, IoT Lab Manager
  • Paolo Alberto Spada
    OpenIoT Expert Research Engineer
  • Marco Marafini
    OpenIoT Research Engineer
  • Andrea Gilardoni
    OpenIoT Research Engineer
  • Marco Piazzola
    OpenIoT Research Engineer

PhD Students

  • Muhammad Salek Ali
    OpenIoT PhD Student
  • Mattia Antonini
    OpenIoT PhD Student
  • Miguel Rodrigo Pincheira Caro
    OpenIoT PhD Student