Raffaele Giaffreda

  • Senior Research Engineer, Chief IoT Scientist OpenIoT
  • +39 0461 312454

Raffaele Giaffreda worked in telecommunications research and innovation environment for more than 20 years across different fields, ranging from optical communications to mobile and context-aware networks moving, during the past years to the Internet of Things and more recently to innovation and technology transfer activities.

He is currently Chief IoT Scientist at FBK CREATE-NET contributing to setting research and innovation directions, acquisition of funding and responsible for the execution of a number of collaborative projects (H2020 AGILE, UNCAP and EIT Digital ESSENCE) in the IoT domain.

Raffaele worked in Italy (since 2008) and in the UK (10 years before), acquiring experience in both, corporate environments (R&D of two of the major EU telco operators – Telecom Italia and BT) as well as in a research organisation (CREATE-NET before the FBK merge) where the ability to acquire funding was key in ensuring continuity of operations.

Besides a strong technical background across several IoT application domains he also developed a sound experience in creating, reviewing and leading research projects to delivery, managing R&D projects both internally and within EU collaborations.

Technical expertise and personal interest in applied research makes him particularly enjoy innovation-related work, such as the system integration activities of projects like UNCAP and ESSENCE that produced IoT-based solutions (including a go-to-market strategy) for the remote monitoring of elderly and cognitively impaired patients.

Raffaele is also a recognised expert with a substantial record of research IEEE publications and conference presentations, a patent and various book chapters and tutorials on IoT. He is an experienced speaker and organiser of international events and sessions for IoT related events, he serves as TPC in a number of international conferences and he is the Editor in Chief of the IEEE IoT Newsletter.