Software Platforms

One of the key objectives of CREATE-NET Center is to leverage on the competencies and skills developed through our participation to European and International research projects in order to deliver advanced software platforms acting as building blocks facilitating the experimental deployment and testing of Next Generation Internet solutions “in the wild”.

Unless constrained by tight IPR duties, CREATE-NET Center is typically releasing its software platforms via an open-source license with the aim of facilitating their adoption by third-parties, while increasing the community of developers and innovators who are testing and deploying our assets in their endeavour.

A list of our most mature software platforms is reported in the following:

  • 5G-Empower, a Multi-access Edge Computing Operating System supporting lightweight virtualization and heterogeneous radio access technologies
  • lightMANO, a  one-stop solution for beyond edge computing (BEC)
  • FogAtlas, a software framework aiming to manage a geographically distributed and decentralized cloud computing (fog) infrastructure
  • Raptorbox, a smart IoT Brokering platform for rapid prototyping Internet of Things Applications