Application Domains

Fondazione Bruno Kessler has defined a Strategic Plan focusing on a set of key objectives considered of fundamental importance to accomplish FBK’s Mission within the local and European ecosystem: Work, Environment, Territory and Health.

All the Research Centers within FBK including CREATE-NET contribute to this Plan by deploying innovative solutions in different application domains where those objectives are translated into specific activities (Missions) with a direct impact on Society and Economy.

In particular, CREATE-NET has identified a set of application domains where its cross-disciplinary technological and business expertise, its unique research infrastructure and comprehensive partnership networks can be leveraged to increase the competitiveness of our partners.


  • Digital Factory
    Optimizing concept generation, production, and product transaction in the digital factories of the future
  • Digital Agriculture
    Digitalise the agricultural systems to support development and guarantee food security
  • Digital Buildings
    Intelligent technologies in the areas of energy consumption control and indoor environment monitoring in buildings
  • Digital Transportation
    Communication systems for the cooperative, connected and autonomous mobility of tomorrow
  • Digital Infrastructures
    Make critical infrastructures more autonomous and resilient against failures or cyberthreats