Digital Agriculture

Digital Agriculture bridges ICT and agronomic competences and leverages on renewed sensors data harvesting capabilities to define decision support systems (DSS) that can add value to existing farm management systems. The amount of data made available to farmers facilitate the monitoring of their plants & crops while increasing the opportunity for timely responding to identified threats (pests, lack of water, fertilisation etc). This application domain supports actions that are needed to steer agricultural systems towards better sustainability practices, improved usage of limited resources, ensure food security and all this in a context where climate-change is continuously bringing new challenges.

FBK CREATE-NET focus within this application domain is on water optimisation and traceability.

A set of realistic Use Cases developed in collaboration with some of our partners are described  in the following:

  • Water management. This use case tested and validated the deployment of various LoRa connected sensors (humidity, mini-weather stations, dew-point etc.) with the main objective of better managing water consumption in irrigation and frost prevention for both, vineyards and apple orchards. For more information about  this use case please refer to OpenIot Unit.
  • Rural farming in Africa. This use case main objective was to use IoT advances to improve rural farming in sub-saharian countries through the design, development and deployment of low-cost solutions that are well-suited for limited resource developing countries. For more information about  this use case please refer to OpenIot Unit.