Digital Buildings

Digital Buildings is a term for so-called intelligent technologies in the area of building management and efficiency. In particular it refers to the set of information technologies (sensors, IoT platforms, fog computing, etc) that facilitate the automation of different building management functions with the objective of minimizing the human intervention while ensuring more efficient energy consumption, an increased environmental well-being for the tenants and a more resilient monitoring system to ensure safety and physical security.

FBK CREATE-NET focus within this application domain is on energy monitoring in building and quality of indoor environments.

A set of realistic Use Cases developed in collaboration with some of our partners or within our own premises are described in the following:

  • Buildings energy management. Combine artificial intelligence, edge/fog computing and decentralised technologies to automatically gather data from energy sensors and devices installed in the building and provide automated and customer-specific energy management solutions. This Use Case is performed in collaboration with a local company, which is offering a playground to evaluate to which extent energy efficiency analysis can be carried out directly at the edge in the cases in which it is either difficult to use cloud resources (costs, privacy) or there is the need for real-time actuation capabilities. For more information about  this use case please refer to RiSING Unit.
  • Work environments monitoring. Using FBK premises as a testbed, a demonstrator leveraging a non-invasive low-cost LoRaWAN solution has been set up with the objective to monitor indoor working environments and their ecological footprint. A set of sensors distributed in different FBK offices and laboratories allow the real time monitoring of a set of relevant environmental parameters impacting quality of work and creating environmental awareness among workers. For more information about  this use case please refer to OpenIoT Unit.