The impact of CREATE-NET activities on Society and Economy is measured according to multi-fold indicators:

  • Co-Innovation Labs. These labs are jointly developed with companies with whom the Center is working with by sharing resources, skills and competences to develop Innovation that impact their business.
  • Research & Development Labs. These labs are developed in collaboration with top Universities at national and international level; they typically leverage on skills complementarity and on mobility of researchers to increase the scientific impact of CREATE-NET activities.
  • Industrial partners. Over the years, the Center has developed strategic collaborations with key Industrial partners by contributing to their increased competitiveness in key sectors of their product portfolio.
  • Spin-offs and new entrepreneurship. As an established stakeholder of the Province, CREATE-NET has spin-offed some of the most promising solutions developed in the framework of European projects we have participated to, therefore contributing to the recent flourishing of new entrepreneurship initiatives at local level.
  • Education. The FBK PhD Program is an excellence training program for PhD student carrying out their research at FBK CREATE-NET based on the quality of their research and leveraging on an International network of prestigious affiliated universities.
  • Publications. Since the beginning of the Center’s operations in 2003, CREATE-NET researchers have published an impressive amount of scientific works, many of them on high Impact Factor journals and magazine, therefore contributing to the scientific development of the Society as an important player in the Innovation community worldwide.