Co-Innovation Labs

Co-innovation Labs are labs jointly developed with companies to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and research outcomes into market and society. Key aspects of these labs are:

  • Co-participation and co-investments on projects and proposals between the Center and partner companies
  • Shared spaces between researchers and engineers to facilitate knowledge transfer
  • Improving education and fostering young talents

Cisco Systems

The collaboration with Cisco Systems since 2006 is one of the strongest pillars of CREATE-NET Center. Our research engineers are collaborating with Cisco Systems engineers to develop the control plane of the next generation optical transport networks. The collaboration is structured around the Vision of making optical networks operations as much automatic and flexible as their packet network counterpart to whom they interface to. Overall, a very critical communication infrastructure by taking into account that trans-national and international transport networks can carry several Terabit/sec channels per single fiber, and that most of the Internet traffic carried is between our smartphones and few large Data Centers hosting the popular mobile applications.