NGI Testbed & Labs

CREATE-NET Center is hosting an experimental facility to foster research and innovation activities for the Next Generation Internet (NGI).

DiVINE (Distributed Virtualized Infrastructure for Next-generation internet Experimentation) is designed to offer a cutting-edge facility to experiment NGI solutions involving multiple technologies (5G, NFV, SDN, IoT, Fog/Edge Computing, Cloud Computing) in selected application domains.

DiVINE is aimed at building a common playground interconnecting a set of different Next Generation Internet labs, including:

  •  an IoT-lab (ExpLoRaNET) composed by a federated network leveraging on license-free  LoRaWAN technology
  • a 5G-lab composed by 4G/5G Femto base stations and programmable WiFi access-points
  • a Cloud-lab infrastructure running OpenStack



DiVINE is currently deployed across three different sites in the municipality of Trento with its main Network Operating Center located within CREATE-NET premises. The infrastructure is interconnected with both GEANT backbone via GARR connectivity as well as with the Trentino Network digital infrastructure based on (i) an MPLS backbone network composed of 92 Point of Presence (PoP) spawning the entire Trento Province and (ii) a Broadband Wireless Access network (BWA), with more than 850 WiFi access points covering most of the municipalities in Trentino.