Competence Centers

Leveraging on the history of the Center itself, CREATE-NET supports public administrations, corporates and SMEs in developing innovations aligned with the vision of what the Next Generation Internet will be, a robust and flexible digital infrastructure enabling innovative services in emerging high-impact fields like Digital Facytory, Digital Agricolture, Digital Buildings, Digital Transportation and others.

In summary, CREATE-NET Competence Centers can offer:

  • Strategic and technical consultancy in the conception of research and development projects, research programs and their development or monitoring
  • Technology scouting and feasibility studies in preparation of new projects connected with the development of upgrading of existing communication infrastructures, services and applications
  • Implementation, demonstration, piloting and testing of systems and solutions in emerging application domains by leveraging on our  NGI experimental facilities

Our currently active initiatives:

  • AgrIoT Lab, a technology transfer initiative in the field of Smart Agriculture and Precision Farming