Competence Centers

AgrIoT Lab 

AgrIoT Lab is a technology transfer initiative in the field of Digital Agriculture and Precision Farming.
Main objective of this initiative is to create a competence center that offers technological know-how on digitally connected solutions for digital agriculture and precision farming (based on IoT connected devices and IoT platforms) to address and solve some domain specific challenges such as agricultural resource usage and optimization, improvement of productivity and quality in agriculture and farming.

Thanks also to consolidated relationships with the local agricultural ecosystem of farmers, agronomists, agricultural research centers, companies and service providers operating in this domain, AgrIoT Lab is capable to offer consulting services and technological solutions devoted to digitalization of agricultural processes.
Offered solutions, based on the different types of installed sensors and specific applications capable to combine data collected from fields with indications and best practices given by agronomists and domain experts, can help farmers to collect metrics in real time, offer them capabilities to remotely manage their crops, such as, for example, to decide pesticide treatments and irrigation schedules or any other activity needed to maintain an healthy, productive and efficient farming.

For more information please consult our dedicated AgrIoT Lab website.