Francesco Botto

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Francesco Botto has a MA degree in Sociology (2000) and PhD in “Information System and Organization” (2005) at the University of Trento, Italy. He is researcher at CREATE-NET research center in Povo, Trento (2006), which has been incorporated in FBK in January 2017.  Francesco worked for more than 10 years in the Information Systems Research field conducting qualitative and longitudinal research and managing local ICT-based development actions. He is expert in Action Research and Participatory Design methodologies and adopted several specific tools and approaches for users’ requirements elicitation, stakeholders’ involvement and balance of interests, and experimental validation. He worked on local development strategies, digital ecosystems and community networks, open negotiation environments, systems for Alzheimer patience’s monitoring, dissemination management, coordination of local experimentation in European research framework, continuous evaluation of participated research and design activities, and car insurance services for reducing car-driving risk.