Exploit research outcomes via breakthrough proof-of-concepts and an advanced NGI testbed platform

The SIRIS Unit is supporting the Research Units in achieving pre-commercial excellence for all Proof-of-concepts which are mature enough to be either spin-offed or exploited in collaboration with companies. As a key enabler toward this Mission, SIRIS Unit is operating a shared experimental facility (DiVINE) whose aim is to allow researchers the validation of Next Generation Internet (NGI) solutions in line with the strategic objectives of the Center and FBK as a whole.


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Head of Unit ad Interim

  • Elio Salvadori
    SIRIS Director

Research Engineers

  • Lorenzo Galvagni
    SIRIS Senior Research Engineer
  • Andrea Zanardi
    SIRIS Senior Research Engineer
  • Pietro De Matteis
    SIRIS Expert Research Engineer
  • Federico Lenzi
    SIRIS Expert Research Engineer
  • Kinde Gutema Tefera
    SIRIS Research Engineer