FogAtlasA platform for managing Fog Computing infrastructures
FogAtlas (evolution of the former Foggy platform) is a software framework aiming to manage a geographically distributed and decentralized Cloud Computing infrastructure providing computational, storage and network services close to the data sources and the users, embracing the Fog Computing paradigm. FogAtlas is able to manage the so called Cloud-to-Thing Continuum offering service-aware workload placement and zero-touch provisioning. It is an evolution of the well known paradigms of IaaS and PaaS adding the concept of “locality” to the traditional Cloud Computing model and easing the operations of a Fog Computing infrastructure.
FogAtlas relies on Open Source technologies like OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible.

For more information visit the FogAtlas website.

NetStratosMulti-Layer Application-Centric Transport Network Orchestration
NetStratos is a multi-layer network orchestrator based on the ONF ONOS framework that exposes an intent-based northbound interface to business applications through which these can communicate high-level needs (e.g. bandwidth, latency, availability, security, etc.) that are translated by an internal computation engine into optimized network configurations implemented by multiple southbound protocols.

YamatoOptical Network control and slicing
Yamato is an optical network control plane providing an interface to the network operator to perform setup, teardown and monitoring of WDM, Flexi-grid and SDM connections. Yamato includes the unique functionality of creating and managing (by means of a GUI) optical networks slices, computing the most appropriate resource assignment for each tenant, and ensuring resiliency of tenant slices against network failures.