Waziup results published in European commission newsroom!

01 April 2019

The European Commission published final results and the Waziup magazine in its newsroom.

WAZIUP , an EU-African H2020 project led by FBK CREATE-NET has successfully concluded in January 2019, with a great impact for the African communities. WAZIUP is the IoT flagship project in Africa funded by European Commission, it is followed by the new project WAZIHUB.

With this project, the partners have reached more than 160,000 target audience (developers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, tech-hubs, industries) in Africa and other continents. The project has trained and built IoT capacity for more than 200 young developers in Africa. The project partners organized/participated in more than 100 events, mostly in Africa but also in Europe.

The project has adapted several IoT technologies and solutions to the African context. The technologies are:

·        DoItYourSelf IoT LoRa networking solutions,

·        IoT Cloud platform

·        WAZIFARM farming application platform

·        IoT Catalogue

The project also developed four applications solutions: fish farming buoy, cattle collar, weather station and soil moisture solution. These solutions are tested and validated with the users in 17 farms in Africa.

WAZIUP is also becoming the IoT brand in Africa. WAZIUP project activities will be continued under the framework of WAZIHUB.

WAZIHUB will further exploit the WAZIUP technology in 20 countries in Africa. The objective is to create 40 IoT Hubs for developer, start-up and entrepreneur’s communities. The project plan is to create hundreds of start-ups during the course of the project. The project prepared a short magazine to present the major results achieved:

The vision of WAZIUP initiative is to create a long term sustainable impact for SDG 2030.