WAZIHUB (in Swahili for Open-Hub) is an innovation project for Africa aiming to create an OpenHUB of IoT and Big data cutting-edge and African grade solutions, co-designed by African people. The vision of WAZIHUB is to exploit IoT potential and share IoT Technologies best-practices through the involvement of innovation communities and stakeholder (e.g. young entrepreneur (including woman), startup, developer, innovation Hub) from local district, regional, national and African-wide. The project aims to enable the creation of Open Hubs throughout Africa where IoT technology solutions can then be adapted to match local service needs. The project goal is to iterate and extract value from spining-off  value-added IoT innovative services (e.g. monitoring, controlling, data analytic) based on the technologies developed in WAZIUP (www.waziup.eu project website) and FiWARE (www.fiware.org).



Date: 03/2018-02/2021
  • OpenIoT

  • EU H2020