The PublicaMente platform is designed to handle in an innovative and effective way the archiving, analysis, visualization and search for multimedia information that is organized around video content as its major information element.

Purpose of the research project is the study of a web TV platform (hardware and software) on which to publish video, link to them and share other digital content of various types in a unique information environment: an innovative approach, in line with the fact that more and more people want to “see” and only then read and learn about documents or web pages on the topic of the movie.

PublicaMente platform is equipped with the most sophisticated technologies for the automatic analysis of unstructured content (such as speech recognition, semantic analysis and natural language understanding), applied to the content of the movies themselves (not only then the metadata associated with them), to optimize streaming and enjoyment through emerging technologies (eg. HTML5).

Date: 01/2012 - 12/2013
  • OpenIoT

  • ExpertSystems srl, YMIR srl