PRAIM CSI (Cloud Service Integrator) is a “Legge 6” project  (LP 6/99) funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento. Nowadays cloud computing services and applications are becoming ubiquitous and are replacing the traditional desktop services and software. But this “cloud revolution” could create some difficulties to the end users when the different services are provided by different cloud providers in different ways: different security access policies, different user experience etc. PRAIM CSI aims at overcoming these issues providing a framework that seats between the cloud provider(s) and the cloud consumer(s) (the end users) hiding the idiosyncrasies of the cloud services and offering a “unified” and “common” interface to the end user (i.e. not dependent by the specific provider).SmartInfrastructures works as subcontractor in this project lead by PRAIM (a SME located in Trento and leader in the thin client commercialization). In particular we are involved in the definition of a generic model for the cloud services and in the development and customization of the single sign on solution.

Date: 03/2013 - 09/2014
  • RiSING

  • Legge 6 (LP 6/99) funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento