MeMoSa is an EIT Digital initiative with the aim of developing a mobile and cloud service for insurance companies (selling health and car insurance services) who need a lightweight, low cost solution to better profile their customers to reduce insurance cost, and to offer additional value added services based on contextualised needs. The MEMoSa solution aims to make the insurance customer more responsible, during driving and daily activities. The improvement of driving conditions implies the reduction of accidents and related health-care and insurance costs. The system tracks vehicle, sleep and user data via wearable device and OBD unit in the car, the cloud platform provides to driver and its passengers several value-added services as, sleep and vigilance monitoring, PoI advertisements, in-car entertainment, etc. MeMoSa reduces costs related to the installation of ICT equipment and the wrong estimate of insurance risk, while increasing the sales of additional personalised insurance products. It helps users to be more aware of their physiological conditions, increasing health, road safety and reducing insurance and healthcare costs.

Date: 01/2017 - 12/2017
  • EIT Digital