FI-Links will support the process of evolving FI-PPP to a worldwide champion of Internet innovation by taking into account the specific business requirements of both large European industries and SMEs, supporting the adoption of the FI-PPP in non-covered EU regions and beyond, and validating the long-term vision of FI-PPP.
To achieve these goals, FI-Links will establish a number of worldwide and regional links. These links will have a two-fold purpose. On the one side FI-Links will define a long-term vision for FI-PPP technologies and business models taking into account equivalent research and innovation schemes in the US, Japan, Canada and the BRICs, as well as other countries when deemed relevant. On the other side, FI-Links will promote the adoption of FI-PPP results in EU regions and development countries where the take-up of Internet innovation can occur quickly and impact local markets.

To facilitate the identification of new EU and international stakeholder groups and support the exchange of knowledge and best practices between the FI-PPP and the larger FI community, FI-Links will organize European-level conferences and workshops.
FI-Links will leverage on different results from FI-PPP such as FIWARE-Ops, FIWARE-Lab, FIWARE products, the Coalition of Action for the European Regions, XiPi and XIFI, the community cloud for FI-PPP developers.

Date: 06/2014-06/2016
  • RiSING

  • EU  FP7 –FI-PPP