The main scope of DICONET is to examine and develop a novel approach to optical networking, providing a disruptive solution for the development of the core network of the future. The proposed solution offers ultra high speed end to end connectivity with quality of service and high reliability through the use of optimised protocols and routing algorithms that will complement a flexible control and management plane providing flexibility for the future network infrastructure. The key innovation of DICONET is the development of a dynamic network planning tool residing in the core network nodes that incorporates real-time measurements of optical layer performance into IA-RWA algorithms and is integrated into a unified control plane. This tool serves as the key enabler for providing automated rapid network reconfiguration capability as oppose with currently deployed slow planned provisioning and reconfiguration mechanisms. In addition our approach provides advance network resiliency features not currently available by any equipment vendor. CREATE-NET is leading the T2.3 investigation of techniques for disseminating physical impairments info across the network. In this task, different architectures (routing-based, signaling-based, and PCE-based) will be investigated for carrying the physical impairments in GMPLS control plane by considering both linear and nonlinear impairments, the trade-off between control overhead and efficiency of the network, etc. Create-net is also the leader of WP5 for network management and control protocols. Specially, Create-net is leading T5.2 implementation of modifications to GMPLS control plane protocols via emulated nodes, in which the modifications/extensions of GMPLS control protocols to incorporate and disseminate the impairment information will be defined and implemented in a real GMPLS stack. The extensions of the GMPLS control protocols will be validated through emulation.

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