CreatiFI project is an initiative inside the FIWARE EU program that offers opportunities to SMEs, web entrepreneurs and individuals working in the Creative Industry sector to shift innovative ideas into new applications and services.Through competitive open calls, CreatiFI offers funding, business and technical support in order to exploit the FIWARE cloud infrastructure and middleware (on different technical chapters, such for example, as on advanced user interfaces, media services, big data, Internet of Things). With an overall funding of €4.8 million for SMEs, web entrepreneurs and ICT developers, CreatiFI will support, with the first open call, about 60 applications (with a funding ranging from €10k to €50k) to develop a prototype, and later, with the second open call, about 18 applications (with funding of up to €100k) for commercial development and acceleration.   CreatiFI activities are managed through the key cities within the hubs (Barcelona, Brussels, Helsinki, Trento) based in the central regions that dominate cultural and creative industries in Europe.Project partners are: iMinds (coordinator), Trentino Sviluppo, Forum Virium, ICUB, EBN, CREATE-NET, I2Cat, ENoLL. CREATE-NET  leads technical support to open call participants in the understanding and usage of the FIWARE infrastructure.

Date: 09/2014 - 08/2015
  • OpenIoT

  • EU FP7