Ambient Aware Assistant - A3

ACube will act in the framework of Ambient Intelligence, by conceiving a highly-developed smart environment to be deployed in nursing homes as a support to medical and assistance staff. The sophisticated features of the envisaged system will have a major impact on quality of care, quality of life of the assisted, as well as working conditions of caregivers. The project will develop an advanced integrated infrastructure for intelligent monitoring in nursing homes and will validate it in two real-world scenarios. The infrastructure will encompass sophisticated features targeted to support medical and assistance staff and will have a major impact on both the quality of life of the assisted and the working conditions of caregivers. To this end, the project will tackle a number of technological and research challenges: algorithms for intelligent sensing, based on the integration of visual, acoustic and environmental sensing; a middleware to support the seamless integration of data streams from sensors; an intelligent architecture, featuring configurability, learning abilities and robustness (in terms of self-diagnostics and repair); model-based reasoning techniques to provide representation of the domain status, monitor the execution of activities in the environment and deliberate the most appropriate reactions.


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