The main goal of ABSOLUTE is to design and validate an innovative holistic network architecture ensuring dependable communication services based on the following main features:

Rapid deployment, flexibility, scalability and seamless reconfigurability
Provision of broadband services
Resilience, high availability and security
Integration of 3GPP LTE-A with advanced satellite communications and current public safety networks (TETRA).
ABSOLUTE objectives will be achieved through the opportunistic combination of aerial, terrestrial and satellite communication links with the aim to maximize network availability and allow a rapid and incremental network deployment. This seamlessly reconfigurable and highly scalable network environment will also embed adequate levels of mobility support and energy efficiency.

In addition, the ultimate commitment of ABSOLUTE is to provide reference implementations for an interoperable and backward compatible solution, and relevant regulatory and standardization efforts, enabling quick adoption of 4G communication technologies to remarkably improve the disaster recovery and crisis management preparedness of all relevant public safety and security stakeholders in Europe and worldwide.

Date: 10/2012 - 10/2015
  • WiN

  • EU FP7