OSA - The Optical Society Advanced Photonics Congress

29 June 2018

Domenico Siracusa from RiSING Unit is going to present the joint paper:

“Enriching Intent-based SDN to Ease Customer Service Management in Transport Networks” co authored by:

D. Siracusa (CREATE-NET); A. Marsico (CREATE-NET); M. Chamania; R. Doriguzzi-Corin (CREATE-NET); C. Matrakidis; D. Klonidis; P. Sköldström; A. Ghafoor; S. Junique; V. Lopez

The paper highlights how Intent-based Software-Defined Networking can automate mapping of customer services to transport services. We demonstrate this using a multi-layer orchestrator that provisions a complex customer service over an IP/Optical testbed.

A second paper sees CREATE-NET staff involved:

“First WDM-SDM Optical Network with Spatial Sub-Group Routing ROADM Nodes Supporting Spatial Lane Changes” , coauthored by D. M. Marom; S. Ben-Ezra; M. Gerola (CREATE-NET); D. Siracusa (CREATE-NET); F. Pederzolli (CREATE-NET); M. Blau; J. Macdonald; n. psaila; C. Sanchez-Costa; A. D. Ellis; X. Forns; J. F. Ferran; F. Jimenez; N. Christodoulia; B. Shariati; D. Klonidis; I. Tomkos

4-node, 4-lane SDM mesh network with CD-ROADM nodes performing dual spatial channel routing & lane changes is reported, under centralized SDN control for space/spectrum assignments. The architecture achieves high utilization & low implementation cost