Open source Summit Europe 2017

25 October 2017

 “Bringing Multi-Container to Constrained Devices: The Case of the IoT Gateway”.

Containerization has been driving the scene in cloud technology, but it stretches far beyond the cloud domain. In fact, the AGILE project develops a container based open software framework for IoT gateways, bringing several of these advantages to the IoT edge domain. We show how we bring docker-based containerization to the constrained gateway platform ensuring support for a diversity of gateway hardware architectures below, dependence conflict free code reuse as part of, and language-agnostic application runtime on top of the framework.
The talk will focus on streamlining the process of bringing docker-based containerization to these devices, discussing architectural aspects, developer workflow, and the use of base image hierarchies and image layering for in-container and cross-container performance optimizations.