OFC 2018 - The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition, San Diego USA

13 March 2018

Domenico Siracusa, RiSING Unit is participating at prestigious OFC Conference in San Diego (USA) , March 11-15th.

“An Automated Service-downgrade Negotiation Scheme for Applicationcentric Networks”;
Antonio Marsico , Marco Savi, Domenico Siracusa, Elio Salvadori (FBK CREATE-NET).

Invited: “Application Aware Multilayer Control and Optimization of Elastic WDM Switched Optical Networks”, Ioannis Tomkos , Ciril Rozic (Athens Information Technology Center, Greece), Marco Savi (FBK CRATE-NET), Pontus Sköldström (RISE Acreo AB, Sweden), Victor Lopez (Telefonica I+D/GCTO, Spain), Mohit Chamania (ADVA Optical Networking, Germany), Domenico Siracusa (FBK CRATE-NET), Chris Matrakidis, Dimitrios Klonidis (Athens Information Technology Center, Greece), Ori Gerstel Sedona Systems, Israel;
In dynamic networks with diverse application requirements, Software Defined Networking (SDN) principles enable application-aware in-operation planning. EU project ACINO built a network orchestrator as the connecting component between network applications and the underlying network infrastructure.

POSTER: “Disaggregating Optical Nodes in a Multi-layer SDN Orchestrator for the Integration of an In-operation Planning Tool” Federico Pederzolli (FBK CREATE-NET) , Mohit Chamania (ADVA Optical Networking, Germany) , Michele Santuari (FBK CREATE-NET), Thomas Szyrkowiec (ADVA Optical Networking, Germany) , Chris Matrakidis , Ciril Rozic, Dimitrios Klonidis (AIT, Greece) , Victor Lopez (Telefonica I+D, Spain), Domenico Siracusa (FBK CREATE-NET);
Optical disaggregation can provide the intermediate models required by In-operation planning to compute feasible configurations in IP/Optical networks. We demonstrate disaggregation on a real SDN-orchestrated testbed, and quantify its benefits and costs.

POSTER: “Towards Secure Optical Networks: A Framework to Aid Localization of Harmful Connections” Federico Pederzolli  (FBK CREATE-NET) , Marija Furdek (TH Royal Inst. of Technology, Sweden) , Domenico Siracusa (FBK CREATE-NET), Lena Wosinska (TH Royal Inst. of Technology, Sweden);
We model the scope of optical signal insertion attacks by defining attack syndromes for each connection, and present a cost-efficient routing heuristic that aids localization of harmful connections by reducing syndrome ambiguity in the network.