IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things, Singapore

29 January 2018

“From Research to Innovation in IoT: Why is Technology Transfer So Hard?”

On Monday  05 February 2018, Raffaele Giaffreda, OpenIoT Unit will held a tutorial @IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things , 05-08 February 2018 – Singapore

This tutorial will present lessons learnt in more than 6 years of R&D activity in the domain of Internet of Things and it will be structured in three main parts (research, development and business). More in detail, the first part will focus on existing and emerging trends for IoT as it moves out of the Gartner Hype Cycle: Edge Computing for IoT, Analytics and Cognitive IoT, Blockchains for IoT will all be covered amongst other technology oriented research challenges. The second part will illustrate what it takes to transform research ideas and demo prototypes into the development of viable solutions that address real market needs in this highly fragmented and overly-standardised domain. Focus here will be given on IoT platforms for the rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT solutions in Industrial and eHealth contexts. In the third part of the tutorial the presenter will share part of his technology transfer journey focusing on the business aspects and the economic issues one must be ready to tackle in order to bring innovation to fruition in this exciting field.