DiVINE Testbed

The Distributed Virtualized Infrastructure for Next-generation internet Experimentation (DiVINE) is a Next Generation Internet (NGI) experimental facility developed by CREATE-NET Center to facilitate research and innovation activities for the Internet of the Future.

DiVINE is designed to offer a cutting-edge facility to experiment Next Generation Internet (NGI) solutions involving multiple technologies (5G, NFV, MEC, Fog Computing, Cloud) in selected application scenarios like Smart Cities, Smart Digital Industry, Health & Well-being and Environment & Energy, among the key strategic objectives of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.


DiVINE has multi-fold objectives:

• integrate into a unique platform all the experimental prototypes developed within and CREATE-NET projects leveraging on key inter-related domains like IoT, 5G, fog/edge and SDN/NFV;

•  demonstrate to potential commercial partners the capability of CREATE-NET to develop and deploy Next Generation Internet solutions that can scale out and trigger new business cases;

•  engage third-parties developers to contribute to specific community-based (open-source) solutions in the expertise domains of the Center.


Fore more information about the DiVINE facility, please visit the website: http://divine.fbk.eu