Research Focus

We are living in a renaissance of networking research and experimentation. An increasing number of tools and platforms is currently available to ‘hack’ the network allowing us to experiment with new control and management paradigms, new protocols, and new designs for the Next Generation Internet Architecture.

Our research focus is mainly driven by the need to meet the networked systems challenges raised by proliferation of broadband & mobile network applications, by the widespread deployment of machine-type-communications systems, and by the increasing demand for reliable wireless access for time-sensitive services.

In this view, the recent focus of the unit is on the design, analysis, and development of smart and robust software-centric and programmable network solutions with a clear emphasis on 5G network design requirements.

These research priorities of the unit are implemented through five main horizontal technical instruments:

· Network optimization and management
· Software-defined networking
· Virtualization of infrastructure and network functions
· Machine learning
· Post-edge computing management and orchestration solutions

Beyond the horizontal research dimensions, the WiN Research Unit closely collaborates with other CREATE-NET Research Units on experimentation activities within the umbrella of the DiVINE platform, with specific focus towards the rapid prototyping and experimentation of 5G systems.