DECENTER proposes a Fog Computing platform with enhanced IoT leveraging advanced technologies to provide orchestration of computing resources, robustness and security, in support of novel distributed AI models elaborating data in the different tiers of the infrastructure, so that time-critical jobs (e.g. alarming a worker of a potential safety risk in a construction site) are executed at the edge and close to the source of data (e.g. a video camera), while time-insensitive jobs are executed where computing resources are abundant, i.e., in the cloud.

The platform also allows each resource provider to share resources and be rewarded in exchange through the collaborative establishment of Smart Contracts for seamless execution of applications across multiple (potentially geographically distributed) administrative domains, each with their own data governance, security, legal and business policies. The adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will be duly logged and monitored throughout the execution of the Smart Contracts supported by blockchain-based technologies.

FBK CREATE-NET is the project coordinator and is deeply involved in the definition and development of the DECENTER Fog Computing solution, based on the existing FogAtlas platform (

Relevant industrial partners are: Atos, LGU+, Robotnik, Daliworks, Gluesys.

Date: 07/2018-06/2021
  • RiSING, OpenIoT

  • H2020