The Applying Sensor Support InfraStructure in the Territory (ASSIST) was a project configured as a container for all of the engineering and technology transfer activities related to the novel communication and service paradigms studied within the BIONETS project. The ASSIST Mountain Scenario (ASSIST-MT) was one of the ASSIST instances, whereby the application scenario stems from a need of Servizio Strade (PAT) to deploy a service for the early detection of ice formation on mountain roads. The project was funded by PAT (Autonomous Province of Trento) in collaboration with Algorab Srl. The purpose of this project, based on novel technologies like wireless sensor networks, was twofold: to inform the car drivers about potential ice threats along the monitored roads, and to inform the road maintenance personnel about where and when appropriate countermeasures shall be taken in order to mitigate the ice-related risks.

  • OpenIoT

  • PAT/Algorab