Toward 5G for Aircraft Communications

16 March 2018

Proud to announce that FBK CREATE-NET contributed to the technical realization of the “Airbus for 5G on commercial flights project”, providing its expertise in the field of 5G network.

The collaboration with experts coming from different industries, Universities and Research Centers such as   Airbus, BT, Ericsson, FBK, KTH Stockholm allowed us to make the most of our competences in a scenario with high technological and commercial impact.

FBK is contributing to the ICARO EU project also in 2018 with  its control plane, a Multi-access Edge Computing Operating System developed by FBK CREATE-NET to manage 5G network

Enjoy the official Airbus 5 G video with FBK CREATE-NET researcher colleague Alexey Baraev giving interesting insights regarding the project at  minute 2:15