IOTSWC 2018, Great success for our team

19 October 2018

A sustained number of visitors joined our stand at IOTSWC 2018 in Barcelona to get information about AGRIOT LAB and about adaptive and modular OpenSource iot gateways for fast prototyping,

AGRIOT LAB technology transfer initiative, promoted by OpenIoT team, showcased its assets at the IOTSWC 2018 in Barcelona. AGRIOT LAB aims to leverage on the IoT strength in the AgriTech domain. It develops high-quality low-cost sensors that use wide-coverage capabilities of LoRaWAN communication technology to transfer measured data from the ground to AGRIOT LAB proprietary IoT platform.

External collaboration activities include the integration of IoT sensor management widgets into existing farm management platforms with the aim of giving additional and useful insights to the farmers. These come from data fusion with wider image recognition and interpretation exploiting interactions with leading agronomists. AGRIOT LAB activities run within a regional ecosystem currently focusing on viticulture and apple orchard irrigation water management, but they have also a wider scope where traceability comes into the picture to foster virtuous and sustainable behaviours in agriculture practices.

Low-cost, fast prototyping, IoT interoperability, IoT to Edge to Cloud connectivity: these happen to be the main selling features of H2020 project AGILE which has produced an adaptive and modular gateway for the Internet of Things.