29 May 2018

The head of the FBK CREATE-NET RiSING research unit, Domenico Siracusa, will give an invited talk at the 2018 edition of the GARR Workshop “Net Makers – the community that innovates the network”. In this edition  of this annual event for IT and networking experts from the research and education community, the workshop will address very hot topics, among which #cybersecurity, new #network models, and the sharing of infrastructures at the local level. Domenico will contribute to the network evolution session, presenting the application-centric networking approach proposed by the ACINO H2020 European Project (coordinated by FBK CREATE-NET). The talk will focus on how network operators can provide value-added services over their network infrastructure by accurately catering to the needs of the applications of their customers. Domenico will provide technical insights on the creation of a hierarchical controller for transport networks and present a security use-case benefitting from the proposed approach.