25 June 2017

On Tuesday, June  27 Domenico Siracusa from FUN Unit talks about
“Network Slicing SDN Controller” at Cisco Live 2017!  “Network Slicing is becoming a strong requirement for large Service Providers networks. The ability to partition the real network on several Virtual Networks to assign to Tenants (Small Service Providers) is a key factor to implement OVPN. This talk presents an SDN solution that enables network slicing in transparent optical networks, in order to support multi-tenancy scenarios. The proposed system manages multiple Optical Virtual Private Networks (OVPNs) that share the same physical infrastructure with strict data, control and management plane separation. The network slicing logic is developed on top of the OpenDayLight SDN controller, which interfaces with the Cisco DWDM-aware GMPLS stack to create, manage and delete OVPNs, and to setup and teardown optical circuits over them. In case of failure, the system leverages the distributed capabilities of GMPLS to provide OVPN-specific restoration of optical connections.”