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Domenico Siracusa taking part in New Directions in Cyber Security conference 2017 in Berlin.
Cyber security is the crucial factor for the success of the digital economy. It is a complex task that can only be solved through the collaboration of politics, science, industry, manufacturers and users. But cyber security is also a “moving target”. It must be reviewed over and over again. This is the objective of the conference.


Roberto Riggio FBK Create-net is leading a session about #OpenSource in Technological Gaps and Opportunities for Realizing Open Source based end-to-end Network Architecture Workshop, co-located with Mobicom'17  


Elio Salvadori gives an invited talk @SDN NFV WorldCongress   about "Application-centric resource orchestration enabling advanced 5G services"


Raffaele Giaffreda, #OpenIoT Unit invited speaker  @SKOLTECH  talking about “Research and Innovation in the Internet of Things domain: challenges and opportunities”. 
After a broad introduction to IoT technologies, this talk will illustrate what are the main challenges still to be addressed in the research domain and what opportunities are being pursued which foresee the use of cognitive technologies in the context of Smart Health and Smart Cities application domains.


FuN representatives Domenico Siracusa and Marco Savi 
@ECOC 2017 to present a joint poster "Application-Centric Dynamic Multi-layer Resource Allocation in Availability-aware SDN-Orchestrated Networks": We evaluate our method for dynamically accommodating applications that require more than just bandwidth. Our simulations show the advantages of two availabilityaware approaches on a network equipped with an SDN orchestrator. 


MD Abdur Rahim giving a Keynote @Gecon2017 Conference, talking about IoT and data analytic for developing countries   


@Roberto Riggio giving a keynote talking about "Converging SDN and NFV at the network edges: the lightMANO approach"


Domenico Siracusa from FUN Unit gives an invited talk at  Photonic Networks and Devices @OSA 2017 talking about: "Yamato: an SDN Platform to Control and Virtualize Spectrally and Spatially Flexible Optical Networks"