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Francesco Profumo President FBK and Andrea Simoni Secretary General visiting FBK CREATE-NET

Fabio Antonelli HoU OpenIot exposes “Raptorbox”, smart IoT broker based on an open-source solution for Rapid Prototyping of application for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Daniele Santoro, DISCO Unit presenting “FOGGY”, a platform implementing the architecture of Edge/Fog computing
FUN Unit (Roberto Riggio and Domenico Siracusa), one network, many vertical industries
Silvio Cretti HoU DISCO and Elio Salvadori FBK CREATE-NET Director
Fabio Antonelli HoU OpenIot and Raffaele Giaffreda  Chief Scientist presenting OpenIot Area

On Friday May 5 2017 Francesco Profumo, President, and Andrea Simoni Secretary General of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, visited FBK CREATE-NET Research Center.

Short demos, presented by FBK CREATE-NET Research Units OpenIoT (Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things ) DISCO (DIStributed Computing and InfOrmation Processing) and FUN (Future Networks)  highlighted the fact that the 3 Units, although focused on different topics, are complementary but synergic in the vision of a future virtualized and programmable infrastructure. This  cross-area collaboration implements the capacity to reply to the varied requirements of the so-called “vertical” sectors.