One of CREATE-NET‘s main goal is to continue increasing the internal focus on technology transfer and innovation, leveraging on the developed know how in terms of patenting/licensing new technologies and stimulating the transfer of such innovation to the market. In fact, a primary objective of CREATE-NET since its conception has been the development of new initiatives to better connect with key international industrial players, supporting the growth of the local ecosystems while capitalizing from the R&D investments.

CREATE-NET Research Units, supported by the Project Management Group, have an history in developing successful industrial collaborations, that bring innovative ideas to the market. Industries, small and medium companies and governments take advantage of our research, our technology evaluation and scouting, and state of the art infrastructures and labs that creatively address concrete business challenges.

Leveraging on the history of the Center itself, CREATE-NET supports corporates and SMEs in developing innovations aligned with the vision of what the future Digital Infrastructure will be, improving service delivery in emerging high-impact fields like Smart Cities, Smart Digital Industry or Health  and Wellbeing, and other.