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This project aims at designing and implementing a system for collecting, storing, analysing and presenting healthcare related data (and in particular ECG data) in a cloud environment. CREATE-NET is taking care of the architecture of the cloud platform.

This tender focuses on the evolution of the current XiPi repository towards a FIRE inventory (for FIRE related infrastructures), called XiPi+, and on the roadmap for FIRE future needs. CREATE-NET will take care of the development of XiPi+.

SmartSDK project is co-funded by the EU's Horizon2020 programme under agreement number 723174.

SmartSDK is the FIWARE’s “cookbook” for developing smart applications in the Smart City, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Security domains. 

It provides ready-to-use bundles for the creation of Smart Services. SmartSDK will provide a set of reusable and cloud-native architecture patterns to simplify the development of Smart Services.