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The research activities of CREATE-NET are centered on the paradigm of the "Digital Infrastructure of the Future". The recent explosion and increased adoption of generalised virtualisation technologies in all contexts of processing, storage and networking has triggered a dramatic change at infrastructural level: everything becomes software-defined and programmable, providing an unprecedented power to users and applications to adjust/tune the behavior of the infrastructure according to the user needs and application-specific requirements.

The "physical" Internet is becoming a "tool" to sense the world (and act accordingly), to provide ubiquitous connectivity to anyone/anything via highly-flexible mobile networks and finally interconnect all those billions of objects (things/persons/cars/...) to huge Data-Centers via extremely high-speed transport networks.

In other words Internet is becoming a big cloud facility where networking, sensing, processing and storage could be modulated with an extremely high degree of flexibility to properly support any kind of applications, anywhere and at any time.

In this context, the most promising development prospects can be grouped into three specific domains that reflect the latest trends in the industry:

  •    the "softwarization" of ICT infrastructure 
  •    cloudification of ICT resources and services 
  •    application-centricity 
In order to accomplish its research objectives along these lines of investigation, CREATE-NET research department is structured around 3 Research Units and a shared experimentation facility:

DISCO - DIStributed Computing and InfOrmation Processing
Resource optimization for Future Internet scenarios 

FuN - Future Networks
Smart and Efficient Connectivity for all, at anytime, anywhere

OpenIoT - Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things
Enablers for reliable and useful IoT services

Siris Lab
A converged platform for Future Internet experimentation