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IoThings MIlan 2017 - Fabio Antonelli and Raffaele Giaffreda invited speaker

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Tuesday, 16 May, 2017

Fabio Antonelli, Head of Open IoT Research Unit and Raffaele Giaffreda, Chief IoT Scientist talking @IoThings, Milan, May 16-17/2017   

"Blockchain and Internet of Things: why a perfect match" (F.Antonelli), Wednesday, 17/05 h 10.30  
Abstract: While blockchain gained a lot of interest particularly in the FinTech domain, it is in the IoT space that most of the advantages brought by blockchain could be exploited. In this talk you will see how blockchain can help in addressing some of the most challenging problems of IoT such as scalability, security, data privacy and why the decentralised nature of blockchain perfectly matches with the intrinsic distributed and decentralised nature of IoT.  

"Exploiting IoT in the Health and Wellbeing domain", (R. Giaffreda) ,  Tuesday 16/05 h 15.20  
Abstract: The market of wearables and connected devices for health monitoring is definitely on the rise. While the needs of our ageing society will benefit from easy to use solutions that enable remote monitoring of people’s health, the current situation exposes a highly fragmented market, with almost every single device requiring its own app and demanding the legitimate data owner to give up its data to as many separate cloud storage systems. This talk will first give an overview of this complex domain, to better understand why there is no silver bullet around the market fragmentation problem. It will then illustrate one of the possible paths that can be pursued to get around these issues. In particular, it will share the experience of the EIT Digital project ESSENCE, where few partners are joining forces to exploit their existing assets (an IoT Platform fostering interoperability and a market ready vertical solution for elderly people), to provide an eHealth solution for remote monitoring of elderly people that also helps users retain ownership of their data.