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FuN representatives Domenico Siracusa and Marco Savi 
@ECOC 2017 to present a joint poster "Application-Centric Dynamic Multi-layer Resource Allocation in Availability-aware SDN-Orchestrated Networks": We evaluate our method for dynamically accommodating applications that require more than just bandwidth. Our simulations show the advantages of two availabilityaware approaches on a network equipped with an SDN orchestrator. 


MD Abdur Rahim giving a Keynote @Gecon2017 Conference, talking about IoT and data analytic for developing countries   


@Roberto Riggio giving a keynote talking about "Converging SDN and NFV at the network edges: the lightMANO approach"


Domenico Siracusa from FUN Unit gives an invited talk at  Photonic Networks and Devices @OSA 2017 talking about: "Yamato: an SDN Platform to Control and Virtualize Spectrally and Spatially Flexible Optical Networks"


FBK CREATE-NET, SIlver Patron of IEEE NetSoft, timely flagship conference of IEEE SDN  brings together academia and industry to jointly review and ponder maturing developments related to all aspects of Softwarization, and its first exploitation with the 5G.


RESEARCH: H2020 project for CREATE-NET: Future 5G Mobile Networks


On Tuesday, June  27 Domenico Siracusa from FUN Unit talks about


Domenico Siracusa and Leonardo Goratti (FUN Unit) taking part @EUCNC 2017 in Oulu, Finland, June 12-15, 2017.